About Me

Create it. Learn it. Lets Sew it.

Heather has always lived in a home that contains a sewing machine and this encouraged her to pursue a career in Fashion and Design. At this time New Zealand had a very strong fashion industry which she enjoyed working in. Heather designed garments, constructed patterns and worked with the manufacturing of women's and children's clothing in New Zealand and England. When her life changed and she became a mother and an expat in Asia, she was able to move into the world of quilting and added another dimension into creating with fabric. Heather now returned to her home country, New Zealand and continues to work in mixed media creating with box making, quilting and sewing. Her passion is constructing clothes that fit well so that people feel comfortable and confident in their garments. Everyone is an individual and deserves the right to express themselves through their clothing and this is made possible by creating your own creations.

 Let's Sew Together.

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