Saturday, 12 March 2016

2016 Direction for Heathers Sewing Room

Last year I did really well in finishing a lot of UFO projects which was one of my goals with my return to Singapore to live. As the year ended I thought hard about where my creative life should be heading. I have always been involved with sewing as I came from a family where sewing and creating items with your hands was a part of daily living. I really enjoyed being involved in the clothing industry as a career because I love fabric, colour and designing, therefore this was an area I wanted to be more involved in. 

In order to work in Singapore I needed to register a business so I achieved this before the Christmas break. After spending time in New Zealand I have been able to return and start planning my sewing class to teach people the art of sewing, hoping they will experience the joy I have had over the years of being able to design and sew my own clothes.

A pillow case

A lined drawstring bag

A lined Tote Bag

An Easy Fit Skirt

Over the last week I have put together some projects which work well for people wanting to learn to sew. 

Now I am onto setting up my sewing room with sewing machines and a cutting table, therefore I feel like I am nearly there for the opening of my business.

Have a great week.


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